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Color can change it all! Whether it's a gel nail wrap, press on nail or a lipgloss. Adding color will change your mood and your whole look. So add your pop of color today.

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About Us

Color Me This allows people to shop for cosmetic products like mood rings. What color should we paint you today? Are you feeling relaxed and free? Then try a cool tone color press on nail, lip gloss, or gel nail wrap. Or are you feeling wild and adventurous? Then try a bright neon color press on nail, lip gloss, or gel nail wrap. Whatever you're feeling, we can help color you just that in many ways. Find a color that matches your vibes, with Color Me This!

  • Gold Flakes

    Gold Flakes is one of our nude jelly press on nails. It has gold flakes to add a little pizzazz! This press on nail set pairs great with our gel x glue for long wear of up to 4 weeks.

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  • Multifunction Transparent Gel X Glue

    This is our solid gel x glue. It is great for long wear use with our press on nails. This glue does require a UV/LED nail lamp to cure ( sold separately). You can get up to 4 weeks wear with this gel x glue.

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  • Reflective Mini UV/LED Nail Lamps

    This mini nail lamp will get the job done! It is 6W with a usb power cord (plug-in base not included). Cure your nails in style with this cute portable nail lamp.

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  • Top Coats For Press On Nails

    The top coat gives an extra strength and durability to the press on nail for longer wear.

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